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Caution: This documentation is for eZ Publish legacy, from version 3.x to 5.x.

Upgrading to 3.10

This chapter contains information related to the upgrade of an eZ Publish solution to version 3.10. Follow the upgrade procedures that are described in the following sections:

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Svitlana Shatokhina, Ole-Morten Halvorsen, Julia Shymova


  • How to update to 3.10 from 3.8?

    No docs for upgrade 3.8 to 3.10.
    • Re: How to update to 3.10 from 3.8?

      Direct upgrade from 3.8 to 3.10 is not recommended. Instead, there will be two direct upgrades (from 3.8 to 3.9 and then from 3.9 to 3.10), see Example 1 on this page: