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Caution: This documentation is for eZ Publish legacy, from version 3.x to 5.x.


class Provides views for managing classes, class groups, etc.
collaboration Provides an interface to the collaboration engine.
content Provides views for managing content (nodes, objects, searching, etc.)
error Provides an interface for error handling / reporting.
ezinfo Provides views for displaying information about eZ publish.
form Provides a view that generates an E-mail containing the data that was posted (DEPRECATED).
infocollector Provides views for managing collected information.
layout Provides a view that makes it possible to use alternative pagelayouts.
notification Provides an interface to the notification engine.
package Provides views for importing/exporting packages.
pdf Provides views for configuring PDF exports (DEPRECATED).
reference Provides a view for displaying documentation generated by Doxygen.
role Provides views for managing roles.
rss Provides views for managing RSS imports and exports.
search Provides a view that displays search statistics.
section Provides views for managing sections.
setup Provides the web based setup wizard.
shop Provides views for the webshop (basket, wish list, order list, etc.).
trigger Provides a view for managing workflow triggers.
url Provides views for managing the URLs stored in the database.
user Provides views for logging users in/out, password changing, etc.
workflow Provides views for managing workflows, workflow groups, workflow events, etc.

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