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Caution: This documentation is for eZ Publish legacy, from version 3.x to 5.x.

Configuration files

audit.ini Settings related to audit trailing of various user operations.
binaryfile.ini This configuration file allows you to set handlers for new datatypes.
browse.ini This configuration file contains settings related to the browse page.
collaboration.ini Not documented yet.
collect.ini This configuration file contains settings regarding information collection.
config.php Configurations points available from file config.php
content.ini Settings related to content.
contentstructuremenu.ini Settings related to the "Content structure" tree menu in the admin interface.
country.ini List of countries for the "ezcountry" datatype.
cronjob.ini Settings related to cronjobs.
datatype.ini This configuration file contains settings regarding datatypes.
datetime.ini Not documented yet.
dbschema.ini settings related to schemas
debug.ini These files help you define settings related to debugging.
design.ini Settings related to designs and design related files like css and javascripts.
extendedattributefilter.ini Not documented yet.
ezflow.ini Controls all eZ Flow related configurations
ezxml.ini Settings related to XML handling (the XML Block datatype).
fetchalias.ini Not documented yet.
file.ini Settings related to file handling
i18n.ini Settings related to internationalization.
icon.ini Contains settings regarding icons and flag icons
image.ini contains settings related to images
layout.ini Settings related to the layout module
ldap.ini Settings regarding connection and authentication of users via LDAP
logfile.ini Settings related to log files.
menu.ini Settings regarding the Menu such as the location of menus and a list of the classes that are allowed to show in the top menu's
module.ini contains settings related to modules
notification.ini contains configuration settings regarding notification e-mails
override.ini Not documented yet, but valuable links provided here
package.ini Settings for the packages on the eZ Publish Setup Wizard
paymentgateways.ini Setting related to the payment gateways
setup.ini Setup.ini contains the configuration settings for all test that are run by the setup, as well as settings regarding the setup itself.
shopaccount.ini Settings related to shop account handlers
site.ini Controls the overall/main behavior of the system.
soap.ini Settings related to SOAP functions and its extensions
staticcache.ini Settings related to the static cache.
template.ini This file controls the settings for the template engine
textfile.ini eZ Publish configuration file for the textfile based login handler
texttoimage.ini This setting relates to converting text to images
toolbar.ini Not documented yet.
transform.ini This file contains settings regarding character transformation.
units.ini This file defines the units to use.
upload.ini This setting sets up the the system so that it creates different kinds of objects based on the type of the uploaded file. For example, the default configuration makes sure that uploaded images are created as image objects.
viewcache.ini Settings related to the view cache system.
webdav.ini Settings related to WebDAV
wordtoimage.ini This setting relates to converting words to images and images to words
workflow.ini Settings related to workflows.

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